Yuan Shi Dian New Normal Promotion and Services Reservation Form 


本中心将于2021年12月12日启动 “原始点新常态推广体验服务”,所有体验服务将一律以预约报名的方式进行。 所有参与者必须通过中心官网所提供的个别链接预约报名。

服务时间 :

09:30 – 12:30


时段 (一):20:00 – 21:00
时段 (二):21:00 – 22:00


所接受的预约人数为 30 人(陪同家属不需要报名预约)。 系统将接受报名直到额满或截止时间,以较早者为准 。


推广体验服务 : 经由中心官网预约报名。

星期日体验服务预约报名时间 : 星期四09:00 – 星期五18:00
星期四体验服务预约报名时间 : 星期一09:00 – 星期二18:00 暂未开放


1) 请携带身分证、穿棉质衣裤,大小毛巾各1件。
2) 学员及陪同家属 : 每一位学员只能由1位家属陪同。
3) 报到时间如下:-

09:30 报到


时段 (一):20:00 报到 
时段 (二):21:00 报到 

4) 若参与者没有准时在上述的报到时间抵达中心, 中心将保留取消参与者名额的绝对权力。

5) 前来参与体验服务者必须严格遵守当前所有预防新型冠状病毒 (Covid-19) 的政府指令和标准操作程序 (SOPs)。此外, 敬请大家配合中心以下的规范及防范措施:

i. 任何人在进入中心前必须更新 MySejahtera 的 “Covid-19 Risk Status”。 只有 MySejahtera 显示 Low Risk / Casual Contact 方可进入中心。 进入中心前需扫描中心提供的二维码以登记签到。
ii. 进入中心前必须先消毒手部。
iii. 任何到中心参与体验活动者必须自备并全程佩戴口罩。
iv. 参与者必须遵守人身距离的规范。
v. 有感冒、发烧、咳嗽 、胸闷/呼吸困难、喉咙痛、头痛、腹泻等病症者, 请勿到中心参与体验活动。
若有不遵守任何标准操作程序(SOPs) 及中心规范者, 中心有绝对的权力取消其参与体验活动的资格。
以上事项将持续执行, 直到另行通知。

6) 如何确认是否已成功报名 : 请登入官网,按照您预约的日期来查阅“体验服务预约录取名单”。成功录取与否将以 “体验服务预约录取名单” 为准。

7) 中心之权利:

i) 中心保留绝对权利更改、调整、取消活动现场安排及与此课程相关的一切事宜。
ii) 若遇自然灾害或任何不可抗力因素,中心将保留举办与否之绝对权利。

“保护自己, 关爱他人”!


 12-02-2023 (9:30am)  **预约将于 09/02/2023 早上 9.00 开放报名(陪同家属不需要报名预约)。

Yuan Shi Dian New Normal Promotion and Services Reservation Form

Our Organisation will commence the “Yuan Shi Dian New Normal Promotion and Services” with effect from 12/12/2021. Reservations are required for all the promotion and services activities. The participants shall make reservation via the relevant links provided in our Organisation’s official website.
Service Hours
Sunday Session
09:30 – 12:30
Temporarily closed

Thursday Session 

Temporarily closed
Time Slot (1) : 20:00 – 21:00 
Time Slot (2) : 21:00 – 22:00 
Reservation Quota

The reservation quota available is 30 persons (The family member is not required to make online reservation) . The system will accept the reservation until the quota is full or the reservation is closed whichever is earlier.

Reservation manner & closing time:

The reservation manner is via online reservation.

Sunday Session – Registration time : Every Thursday 09:00 – Friday 18:00
Thursday Session – Registration time : Every Monday 09:00 – Tuesday 18:00 Temporarily closed
Points to be noted:-

1) Kindly wear soft cotton knitted top & bottom, bring along your Identity Card and 2 pieces each of the large and small towel.

2) Each participant can only be accompanied by one (1) family member.

3) Reporting Time: The reporting time for the participant(s) and their accompanied family member(s) is as follows:-

Sunday Session
 09:30 Reporting Time
Temporarily closed

Thursday Session 

Temporarily closed
Time Slot (1) : 20:00 Reporting Time
Time Slot (2) : 21:00 Reporting Time

4) Our Organisation reserves its absolute rights to cancel your reservation if you fail to punctually report yourself at our premises.

5) The participants who take part in our promotion and services activities  shall adhere strictly to the latest  government directives and the Standard  Operating Procedure (SOPs) related to Covid-19. Kindly also adhere strictly to following  rules and prevention measures of our Organisation:

i. Everyone is required to update the “Covid-19 Risk Status” in MySejahtera before entering into our Organisation’s premises.  You will only be allowed to enter into the premises of our Organisation if your “Covid-19 Risk Status” in your MySejahtera is under “Low Risk” or “Casual Contact”.  Scan our Organisation’s QR Code for registration purposes before entering our premises.

ii. Please sanitise your hands before entering our premises.

iii.  Everyone participating in the activities at our premises shall wear mask at all times and you are required to bring along your own mask.

iv. Please practise  physical distancing and follow the social distancing rules.

v. If you have the symptoms of cold, fever, cough, chest tightness / dyspnea, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, etc., please do not participate in any of the activities at our premises.

Our Organisation is entitled in its absolute discretion to cancel / prohibit the participation of any activities by any person who fails or refuses to comply with the abovestated matters.

Our Organisation shall not be held liable and responsible for any fines, penalties, charges, losses, damages, actions, proceedings, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever arising from your failure to adhere to any of the government directives, rules and regulations imposed by the relevant authority/authorities。

The abovestated matters will continue to be enforced until further notice.

6) The way to confirm whether your reservation is successful : Please log on to our official website to check the “Promotion and Services Participants List” according to the reservation date that you have selected.  The acceptance of the reservation shall be based on “the Promotion and Services Participants List“. 

7) The rights of our Organisation:

i. Our Organisation reserves the absolute right to alter, adjust and cancel any activities,  arrangements and all other related matters.

ii. In case of natural disaster or any unforeseen circumstances, our Organisation will reserve the absolute rights to decide whether or not to proceed with the activities.

It is our common responsibility to adhere strictly to all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the prevention measures.
“Protect Yourself, Love Others”! 
Reservation link:-

12-02-2023 (9:30am)  **The reservation will open from 09/02/2023 9:00am onwards (The family member is not required to make online reservation).


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