YSD Klang Basic Theory Class- 1st Batch English Class (Participants List Announcement)

Basic Theory Class (1st Batch) on 28/9/2019 (Saturday) Time: 09:00-18:00

* Participants List will continuously update. * 

Registration Link: <Click Here>

Please refer to the following participants list for the Basic Theory Class and remember your admission number, date and venue of the class. Thank you!

No. Name Gender Admission No.
1 Clinton John Giraudo Male 2019/E0001
2 Chu Soo Chin Female 2019/E0002
3 Amy Yong Chui Lin Female 2019/E0003
4 Chan Lin Thai Female 2019/E0004
5 Lee Sook Onn Female 2019/E0005
6 Thor Wei Jen Male 2019/E0006
7 Lim Boon Hock Male 2019/E0007
8 Loh Kim Oen Male 2019/E0008
9 Chang Hwei Chin Female 2019/E0009
10 Chang Hwei Sze Female 2019/E0010
11 Sim Geok Huay Female 2019/E0011
12 Catherine Lai Kah Meng Female 2019/E0012
13 Eng Swee [email protected] Swee Choo Female 2019/E0013
14 Vincent Gwangho Seok Male 2019/E0014
15 Lee June Loong Male 2019/E0015
16 Chew Hoon Wai Male 2019/E0016
17 Lim Phui Ying Female 2019/E0017
18 Lee Bian Kip Male 2019/E0018
19 Tai Kow Choo Female 2019/E0019
20 Koay Teng Heng Male 2019/E0020
21 Ong Phaik Suan Female 2019/E0021
22 Chan Kwai Lin Female 2019/E0022
23 Koay Phaik Wah Female 2019/E0023
24 Yeoh Hock Seng Male 2019/E0024
25 Mabel Gong Siew Choo Female 2019/E0025
26 Chung Pei Xin Esther Female 2019/E0026
27 Sim Geok Huay Female 2019/E0027
28 Goh Poh Tiang Male 2019/E0028
29 Theng Sirw Wah Female 2019/E0029
30 Lee June Loong Male 2019/E0030
31 Tee Poi Lui Female 2019/E0031
32 Chen Kim Kieong Male 2019/E0032
33 Lee Guat Ngo Female 2019/E0033
34 Han Giok Leng Female 2019/E0034
35 GERONIMO L. DESUYO Male 2019/E0035
36 Heng Yong Kiang Male 2019/E0036
37 Ang Chin Joo Male 2019/E0037
38 Chua Suat Moi Female 2019/E0038
39 Wong Chee King Male 2019/E0039
40 Wong Choi Li Female 2019/E0040
41 Chin Je Mein Male 2019/E0041
42 Pauline Ting Ying-Ni Female 2019/E0042
43 Colin Cheng Shing We Male 2019/E0043
44 Saw Bee Keng Female 2019/E0044
45 Doreen Chia Female 2019/E0045
46 Cheong Chooi Yoong Female 2019/E0046
47 Yap Lai Kuan Female 2019/E0047
48 Goh Lim Rui Male 2019/E0048
49 Wong Oi Cheng Female 2019/E0049
50 Ravi Santharam A/L Buffon Male 2019/E0050
51 Yew Ah Moi Female 2019/E0051

Points To Be Noted:

1. Dress code: Soft cotton t-shirt and cotton track pants, bring along a bath towel and a face towel & trim your nails.
2. Download and print out the English Handbook, please bring along.
3. Due to long hours of attending the class, please make proper arrangement and ensure that you have sufficient rest and stamina.
4. You are advised to visit the official website of C.C.H. YUAN SHI DIAN MALAYSIA ORGANISATION and repeatedly watch Dr Chang’s latest talks, 2017 Talks ~ Australia Chapter: Effects, YSD Case Studies and Hands-On Technique videos prior to the class and this will help you to have a better understanding of Yuan Shi Dian theory during the class.
5. Numbers of participant: 100 participants and must be above 18 years old.
6. Those who did not attend or complete the Basic Theory Class will not be allowed to attend the Hands-On Technique Class.
7. The intake of the Basic Theory Class and Hands-On Technique Class shall be based on the name list announced by the Organiser.
8. The Participants are required to check the intake name list announced in the official website of the Organiser. The Organiser will not give any other notice to the Participants.
9. Those who already registered for the class but failed to attend or complete the class, the Organiser reserve its rights to cancel or not to accept his/her next intake.
10. Meals are not provided.
11. Registration time:
Basic Theory Class: 08:45-09:15
Hands-On Technique Class: 08:45-09:15
12. We do not replace participants for any shortfall of attendance, so please do not wait at the premises.
13. Video recording and photographs taking are strictly prohibited.
14. Participants are not allowed to conduct any business activities in the premises.
15. Speaker: The compassionate volunteers.
16. Registration Fee : Free of charge.
17. Language used: English.


We welcome your donations to support this acts of kindness, so that the future generations will continue to benefit from it.
We are very thankful to those who have contributed for the venues, teaching materials and aids, in order to allow everyone to learn and promote Yuan Shi Dian. Thank you.

Note :
1. All the above services and activities are contributed by kind hearted people around and as well as the compassionate volunteers. Payment is not required.
2. Please feed back to us should you find any conduct which is against the principle of C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation to enable us to investigate and recommend diligently in order to truly benefit the public. Thank you for your support and supervision.
3. Our Organisation reserves the absolute right to alter, adjust and cancel any activities, classes, arrangements and all other related matters.
4. In case of natural disaster or any unforeseen circumstances, our Organisation will reserve the absolute rights to decide whether or not to proceed with the classes.


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