Yuan Shi Dian – A Meeting Up In London (8th – 12th June, 2018)

Yuan Shi Dian – A Meeting Up In London (8th – 12th June, 2018) – Series No. 1

The footprints of Yuan Si Dian (YSD) has reached many places in the world and the seeds of YSD has now been spread to all corners of the world.

From 8th-12th June, 2018, two representatives in charge of C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation (“the Organisation”) were in London to give guidance and sharing on YSD practices.

The “London YSD Sharing Group” is a group of YSD practitioners who live in London. Since December 2017 they have been meeting weekly mainly to share and learn the YSD theory and Hands-On Technique, as well as promoting YSD on a non-profit basis. The group also provides YSD Antui services for the locals. They also hope to promote YSD to other countries in Europe in the near future.

The person in charge of the group has written to C.C.H. Medical Foundation in Taiwan (“the Foundation”) requesting for proper guidance and training so that the group is able to promote YSD based on the principles laid down by the Foundation. The Foundation has requested the Organisation to provide necessary guidance and assistance hoping that YSD is able to flourish in London.

On the first day, the representatives from the Organisation shared the manner of promotion and services being conducted by the Malaysian team and the approach in handling the YSD participants. London YSD group volunteers also prepared their power point slides to share their experiences and knowledge about YSD concepts.





Yuan Shi Dian – A Meeting Up In London (8th – 12th June, 2018) – Series No. 2

Volunteers make good use of the limited time to practise the Hands-on Technique with great effort.

The representatives from our Organisation encourage the volunteers to watch Dr. Chang’s latest instructional videos on Hands-on Technique and constantly practise Antui in order to acquire proficiency in the Hands-on Technique as practice makes perfect.





Yuan Shi Dian: The Meeting Up in London (8th-12th June 2018) – Series 3

The representative of our Organisation shared the Origin of Yuan Shi Dian (“YSD”), the cause of diseases and illnesses and the implementation of the methods of YSD. Participants are encouraged to learn the theory of YSD and implement the methods of YSD in their daily life such as Antui, consuming diet of warming and hot nature, appropriate exercise, proper rest and good state of mind. Participants engaged in the discussion actively during the session.

After the sharing session, the volunteers continued with the promotion and services session as usual. Some participants travelled from afar for this session. Most of the participants have improvement in their Symptoms after being Antui. They were full of confidence in YSD and were really amazed with the results.







Yuan Shi Dian: The Meeting Up in London (8th-12th June 2018) – Series 4 (The end)

Prior to leaving London, volunteers visited the famous botanical garden in London – “Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew”and having an outdoor experience of the Yuan Shi Dian (“YSD”) methods. They practise Antui, Wenfu, drink ginger soup, enjoy the sun, exercise as well as having a good rest in the warm sunshine. Everyone was relaxed and in pleasant mood. The interactive activity ended on a good note.

We hope that YSD will thrive in Europe and be able to benefit the local people. As well as hoping that subsequent YSD promotions, classes, training and etc., will be able to be conducted smoothly.

Reported by the YSD MY volunteer
20th September 2018