The Journal of the 2nd YSD Basic Theory Class and Hands-On Technique Class in English held on 7th & 8th April 2018

The Second Batch Basic Theory Class and Hands-on Technique Class were held on 7th & 8th April 2018 (on Saturday and Sunday). A total of about 80 participants attended the classes. The participants were from various parts of Malaysia whilst some came from as far as Indonesia and even Switzerland.



The two-day classes were facilitated by Ms Lenny Kho (“the Speaker”), the experienced volunteer of C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation, as the Speaker for both days.

The host has started off with a brief introduction of the schedule of the day. He reminded the participants that it was a compulsory attendance of the Basic Theory Class as the criteria to attend the Hands-On Technique Class because the Hands-On Technique must be guided by the theories and concepts of Yuan Shi Dian (YSD).


Day 1 – Basic Theory Class

The Speaker addressed the floor by first asking everyone if they had read the YSD English Handbook entitled “The Ways of Yuan Shi Dian” and watched the videos which were listed by the organiser, C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation (“the Organisation”) in the course of their online registration for the classes. She reminded everyone the importance to repeatedly read the YSD English Handbook (which can be downloaded), watch intently the videos which are available at the official website of the Organisation.

She went on with a basic introduction of YSD by giving the background of the origination of YSD and its founder, Dr. Chang, Chao-Han (“Dr. Chang”), the mission and principles of C.C.H. Medical Foundation.

The Speaker then proceed with the chapters of Hands-On Technique and Emergency Rescue. The video of Dr. Chang’s overall explanation of the location of Yuan Shi Dian was viewed in the class. In this video, one could note that the accuracy of the location of Yuan Shi Dian is primary whilst Antui technique is secondary. The Speaker explained the rules on Antui location, pressure, duration and the frequency of Antui. The Speaker also guided the participants by using the Yuan Shi Dian Location and Coverage Diagram. A few other short video clips were played in class. These video clips covered some case studies and testimonials, demonstrating proper Hands-On Technique, the common mistakes and pitfalls that should be avoided as well as the application of the YSD methods during emergency rescue.

A live demo to substantiate the effectiveness of Antui was conducted. A participant who had been unable to squat fully, for a few years, was able to do so after the Antui. Participants with migraine headache, inability to lift up their hands, shoulder pain, aching heels were found to be effective after the Antui. The speaker explained the importance of identifying the location of Tishang through Antui, whether Remote or Local Tishang and Antui must be followed by Wenfu.



The Speaker stressed on the importance in differentiating diseases and illnesses from senescence as well as the cause of diseases and illnesses. She explained that it is important to understand that abnormalities exhibited by senescence are not the cause of diseases and illness, which many had thought so. Further elaboration on the YSD principles of diagnosis and treatment methods was given by the Speaker.

A series of case studies with English subtitles were shown to guide the class in learning YSD. The Speaker’s brief summary prior to each case study including highlighting the areas of emphasis when watching the case study has made understanding more effective. Sub-titling of the case studies were done by the YSD English translation team which consists of the YSD volunteers from Malaysia and Singapore, who worked tirelessly then in preparation for the basic class.

The floor was opened for sharing before the class ended for the day.


Day 2 – Hands-on Technique Class

This class started with the Speaker reiterating the importance of first having a proper understanding of the theories and concepts of YSD before learning the Hands-On Technique. The preface and the instructional video on Hands-On Technique by Dr. Chang’s were viewed in the class before the practical session. The Speaker also shared that the volunteers of the Organisation continuously improve their Hands-On Technique. To do so, some volunteers visited C.C.H. Medical Foundation in Taiwan and the founder, Dr. Chang has made a special visit to C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation to guide the volunteers on the Hands-on Technique when he came to Malaysia for his talk last December.


The two-day class ended with positive feedback from the participants, some of them felt grateful that YSD is such a marvelous alternative treatment which is a safe, effective, simple, environmental friendly, non-pharmaceutical natural way towards healthy living.


Reported by,
the volunteer from C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation
7th May 2018