The Journal of the 3rd Yuan Shi Dian Basic Theory & Hands-On Technique Class in English held on 30th, June & 1st, July 2018


The 3rd Batch of Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) Basic Theory & Hands-On Technique Class in English conducted by C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation was held on 30th June 2018 (Saturday) from 9.00am to 6.00pm followed by the Hands-on Technique on 1st July 2018 (Sunday) from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm.



Among the participants were two foreigners, a gentleman from Belgium and a lady from Czech Republic, and the rest were Malaysians.  About half of the participants did not have any basic knowledge of YSD. This also happened to be their first YSD class.


Basic Theory Class on Day 1

This session was conducted by Ms Lenny Kho.  She skillfully imparted YSD Theory to the class in a very easy to understand approach, without compromising on the basic concepts which were the main foundation in YSD practice.  Ms Lenny could draw the curiosity and attention of the participants who then became very enthusiastic and craved for knowledge of YSD in order to have a good quality of life in a natural way.


The following were covered on Day 1:-

  • The Origin of YSD including the mission and principles of C.C.H. Medical Foundation followed by Dr Chang, Chao Han’s video presentation of the said subject.
  • Introduction of the English Handbook entitled “The Ways of Yuan Shi Dian”.
  • Introduction on the location and coverage of Yuan Shi Dian, application of pressure, duration and frequency of Antui as follows:
    1. the accuracy of locating Yuan Shi Dian along the spine and seven regions of the body.
    2. Antui must not be too heavy and too long.
    3. Antui must be followed by Wenfu using Heat Sources.
    4. A video presentation by Dr. Chang explaining the above,followed by several video clips on case studies highlighting the pitfalls and common mistakes in Antui which should be avoided.
  • A volunteer went on stage for Ms Lenny to explain to the class the location of each Yuan Shi Dian and to find the corresponding Yuan Shi Dian where the Symptom appears.

  • Quiz: Ms Lenny threw questions on the above topic to ensure that the participants fully understood and a few of the participants responded with answers.
  • A live demonstration was conducted and participants with Symptoms (persisting) were invited to the stage.  Antui was performed on stage in full view of the class. The following feedback was shared:
    • A participant with shoulder problem and another with lower backache problems shared that their Symptoms were 100% relieved after being Antui.
      *Note:  The speaker explained that the Symptoms of both participants were caused by Remote Tishang. Hence Antui on the accurate location of Yuan Shi Dian will provide immediate relieve.
    • A participant with an aching elbow and the other participant with aching knees caused by hiking activities: It was noted that no significant relieve after being Antui.
      *Note:  If Antui is ineffective, the Symptoms were caused by Local Tishang.  Hence the application of Heat Sources shall be the primary treatment.

The speaker explained the importance of identifying the location of Tishang through Antui, whether Remote or Local Tishang and Antui must be followed by Wenfu using Heat Sources.


During the break, enquiry counters were opened to participants who required further understanding on YSD.

The day ended with another reminder for all participants to check the website for their names on the register for Day 2 as full attendance of Day 1 is a pre-requisite for participating on Day 2.  


Hands-on Technique on Day 2

Day 2 session began with Dr Chang’s introduction video on the rules and regulations on Hands-on Technique. Short video clips of Antui technique and posture on the various locations of Yuan Shi Dian were played.  The participants in their small groups under the guidance of an experienced facilitator were given a time limit to practice. The participants were very eager to learn how to locate the correct Yuan Shi Dian and the proper technique of Antui.


The day ended with Ms Lenny inviting the participants to share their experience and their views whether the two days classes were beneficial.  She also invited participants’ feedback as to whether it was beneficial to continue conducting YSD basic classes in the future. There was overwhelming support for the YSD basic classes to be continued so as to provide the awareness of YSD concept, which is simple and effective to everyone.



The participant from Czech Republic was very happy to have attended this basic class. She had a lot to ‘takeaway’ in terms of the practical approach of YSD which she could now apply in her life.  Finally, she was aware of the types of food that is beneficial to health and would switch from consuming fruit juices and lemon water to drinking ginger soup. Now that she has equipped with the knowledge to promote the natural way of body healing itself, her choice of food would now be those that were under ‘warm and hot’ categories.


Another participant, an elderly lady who suffered from thyroid problems said she couldn’t walk after taking Western medication to treat the thyroid problem. She switched to YSD and practiced the YSD lifestyle. She was fully supportive of the YSD concept where the body can heal itself, which is a better option for her. She signed up as YSD volunteer of C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Organisation.  


Few more participants went up to share and all with positive feedback that they gained useful health knowledge and felt grateful that YSD is another form of alternative health treatment. They also signed up as YSD volunteers so that they could share about YSD concepts and also to help those who are in need, especially those who have no other means to find a cure to their diseases and illnesses, practicing YSD could be the option.


Next Class

The Public are welcome to look out for the next YSD Basic Theory and Hands-on Technique classes by visiting the official website of C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Organisation regularly.  Classes are conducted separately in English and in Chinese.


Reported by,

The volunteer of C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation
July 2, 2018