The Official launch of the Yuan Shi Dian English Handbook entitled “The Ways of Yuan Shi Dian”–December, 2017 First Edition

In conjunction with the recent 4-days talks that was conducted by Dr. Chang, Chao-Han from 1st–4th December 2017 at Chin Woo Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the organizer, Pertubuhan C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia (C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation) took the opportunity for Dr. Chang to officiate the launch of the Yuan Shi Dian English Handbook entitled “The Ways of Yuan Shi Dian”-December 2017 First Edition(“the English Handbook” ) in Malaysia on the 1st day of December 2017.

English Translation Team

This ceremony was hosted by Ms. Lenny Kho and Mr Amish Siew, volunteers at Pertubuhan C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia (C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation).  They commenced by thanking everyone who attended the 4-days talks and the book launch ceremony.  They also thanked Dr. Chang for his presence and to officiate the launch of this long-awaited English Handbook.

Translation Project

This project was initiated by Dr. Chang, Chao-Han and C.C.H. Medical Foundation (“the Foundation”). An English Translation Team consisting of Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) volunteers around the world, mainly from the United States of America (USA) and Malaysia, spearheaded this project.  The team worked in collaboration with Dr. Chang and the Foundation.  It was important that this English Handbook be an exact duplicate of the handbook in Chinese version so as not to have any distortion in the information.  With this objective, one of the main challenges faced in the course of the work was getting the precise translation of some YSD terminologies which have their special connotations and differ from their conventional meaning. The English Handbook was finalized and proof read by the core translator from the USA Team and the Malaysian Team. The 13 hour time zone difference between the core project team members who resided in USA and Malaysia added on to the challenges. However, after months of good team work, the English Handbook that involved painstaking efforts from constant pondering day and night has now come to fruition.

First, the project coordinator from C.C.H. Foundation USA, Ms Luna Cheng was invited to the stage to give her speech.

Address by Ms. Chew Lay Yan 

Ms. Chew Lay Yan is a lawyer by profession and the legal advisor of Pertubuhan C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia (C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation) and also the core translator of the English translation team.

Despite her busy work schedule, she still involved in the project team.  Ms. Chew then addressed the audience and began with thanking Dr. Chang for conducting the 4-days talks and to officiate the launch of the English Handbook.

She acknowledged the project team’s challenges especially the need to work through the night till dawn because of the 13 hour time zone difference between the team members in USA and Malaysia.

She reiterated the need for precise English translations of the Chinese words in the Chinese version handbook entitled “原始点健康手册”, which is the source of this new English version handbook.  The Chinese version handbook is now in its 3rd edition, the first version was published more than 10 years ago.  Dr. Chang’s commendable efforts in consistently revising the Chinese handbook are unimaginable to her.


Ms Chew Lay Yan thanked everyone who had in one way or another contributed to the success of the English Handbook. Special mention of thanks was made to the following:

1. Dr. Chang, Chao-Han, the author of the Chinese version of the Handbook.

For his continued support and encouragement; his effort and generosity in introducing a brand new system of medicine integrating both medical treatment and health maintenance which can be learned by anyone who has no medical knowledge nor background.

2. C.C.H. Medical Foundation

For leading the translation project and publication of the English Handbook.

3. Mr. Chris Yew Cheng Han and Ms. Cecilia Loke Chooi Choo

For arranging and sponsoring of the typesetting; printing of the English Handbook; the backdrop and posters for the 4-days talks and the English Handbook launching ceremony.

4. Kodakawa Gempak Starz Sdn. Bhd.

For the typesetting of the English Handbook.

5. The English Translation Team in Malaysia (particularly Mr. Lee Yu Heng, Mr. Amish Siew and Ms. Lenny Kho)

For their efforts, hard work and continued support for the translation project.

6. The English Translation Team in USA (particularly Ms. Luna Cheng, the coordinator of the translation project)

For their efforts, hard work and continued support for the translation project.

7. Ms Eunice Fung, the core translator and final reviewer from USA.

For her hard work, help and significant contribution to the translation of the English Handbook.

8. The late Uncle Albert

For his assistance in finalizing the YSD terminologies, his valuable ideas and advice.

9. Mr. Lai Zhong Wen

For verification of the contents, edited and proof read some of the chapters of the English Handbook.

10. YSD volunteers worldwide

For their participation and feedback that helped to make this translation project a success.

The founder of YSD, Dr. Chang, Chao-Han was then invited to the stage to give his speech and to declare the official launch of the English Handbook entitledThe Ways of Yuan Shi Dian – December, 2017 First Edition, followed by a loud applause from the audience.


Quote and special message

Ms Chew Lay Yan shared a famous quote from Neil Armstrong: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

With the publication of the English Handbook, YSD can now reach out to a larger community, especially those who do not have a command of the Chinese language, thus sowing the seeds of YSD throughout the world.  We hope to be able to realise Dr. Chang’s dream for everyone to be on the path of good health thus avoiding suffering and attain happiness in life!


Reported by the YSD volunteer

29th December 2017

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