The Journal of the 1st Yuan Shi Dian Basic Theory Class and Hands-on Technique Class in English held on 27th & 28th, January 2018

With the publication of the Yuan Shi Dian English Handbook entitled “The Ways of Yuan Shi Dian”, C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation (“the Organisation”) has conducted the first English medium Yuan Shi Dian (“YSD”) Basic Theory Class and Hands-on Technique Class at their centre on 27 and 28, January 2018. The Basic Theory Class and Hands-on Technique Class were attended by about 100 participants from various states of Malaysia and Singapore. Some participants had no prior experience in YSD while majority were practitioners themselves. The participants were eagerly looking forward to this First Basic Theory Class and Hands-on Technique Class in English.

The basic theory of Yuan Shi Dian was condensed and delivered in one day followed by the Hands-on Technique Class on the next day. Participants were required to attend the full day Basic Theory Class before they were eligible for the Hands-on Technique Class. This is necessary to debunk the general idea that Yuan Shi Dian is only about Antui as correct concepts are more important than Hands-on Technique.

Basic Theory Class

This Basic Theory Class was facilitated by an experienced volunteer, Ms. Lenny Kho (“the Speaker”). The basic theory of YSD was delivered interactively with constant reminders of the importance of viewing all the materials that are available online at the official website of C.C.H Medical Foundation and C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation including Yuan Shi Dian English Handbook entitled “The Ways of Yuan Shi Dian”, the videos of Dr. Chang’s talks, the case studies and such.

The Speaker first introduced to the participants the importance of understanding the origin of YSD and reminded them that YSD was founded by Dr. Chang, Chao-Han, who has “exchanged Yuan Shi Dian with the life of his wife”. We should appreciate, be grateful and thankful to Dr. Chang for this discovery and we should learn YSD humbly. A video was played whereby Dr. Chang explained the origin of YSD.


Hands-on Technique – Yuan Shi Dian Location and Coverage

The theory on Hands-on Technique was explained to the participants by getting a volunteer to the stage to show the location of Yuan Shi Dian (“the original corresponding points”) and its coverage. A video by Dr. Chang explaining the location of Yuan Shi Dian was also played. For Hands-on Technique, the accuracy of the location of Yuan Shi Dian is primary, the Antui technique secondary. The Speaker also emphasized that learning process is endless. The participants should watch the instructional videos on the Hands-on Technique, seek guidance and rectification and only then one can acquire proficiency in the Hands-on Technique. As the saying goes, ‘Practice makes perfect’.

As for Emergency Rescue, the Speaker reminded the participants that the chapter on Emergency Rescue in the English Handbook has been further revised and she explained the contents in detail.

During the Hands-on Technique practical session, some participants came up to the stage to experience the Antui. Most of their Symptoms such as leg pain causing inability to squat, eyes dryness, trigger fingers have been relieved after the Antui. The Speaker explained to the participants that the location for Symptoms could be either remote or local and must be identified through Antui on the corresponding Yuan Shi Dian to observe if Symptoms improved. If there is improvement, these Symptoms are not associated with the affected areas but caused by Yuan Shi Tong Dian, also called Remote Tishang. If there is no improvement, these Symptoms are not associated with Yuan Shi Tong Dian but are caused by Tishang of the affected areas. This Tishang of the affected areas is also known as Local Tishang. Some participants noted that there was quite a vast difference of the skill of Antui of the Organisation’s volunteers from what they have experienced at some other places.

During the theory session in the afternoon, the Speaker skillfully checked the participants’ understanding of the theory of YSD and enhanced the key points of YSD theory and concepts by throwing questions and seeking answers from the audience from time to time. At times, the audience were laughing away at her jokes.

The Speaker emphasized that all Symptoms and Signs of diseases and illnesses are caused by Tishang and Heat Energy Deficiency. YSD uses non-invasive external treatment method to treat Remote Tishang, Antui Yuan Shi Tong Dian to resolve Symptoms in conjunction with Wenfu, the internal treatment methods of medicine and diet of a warming and hot nature, as well as in daily life, relax the mind, emphasize exercise, rest and other health maintenance measures. YSD embraces and believes in the body innate immunity and self-healing power. The body is the only master of health. Therefore, resolving diseases and illnesses and prolonging life must ultimately seek internally from the functioning of the body. That is, through Contributing Factors, improving Tishang and Heat Energy Deficiency so as to enhance the innate immunity and self-healing power representing the stamina of the body and to restore the normal functioning of the body.

A series of videos and case studies were played to guide the participants through learning about YSD and a short briefing will be given each time before a video was played. This was necessary as the audience could then direct their attention to the key areas of learning when watching the videos and case studies with the help of the English subtitles. The English subtitles that appeared in most of the videos and case studies were the fruit of painstaking efforts of the volunteers from the YSD English translation team of Malaysia and Singapore by working night and day for weeks to get them up in time for the first YSD Basic Theory Class in English. The participants expressed their gratitude to the volunteers for coming up with the sub-titling.

The first day session was concluded with some sharing from the participants.

Hands-on Technique Class

On the following day, the Hands-on Technique Class was conducted based on the instructional videos of Dr. Chang. The Preface of the Instructional video on Hands-on Technique was played, whereby Dr. Chang explained about the concepts and rules to be adhered to when practicing Hands-on Technique.

At the end of this session, it was observed that all the participants were sharing their experience enthusiastically with each other. It looked as if everyone had gone for a physical workout, some wiping their perspiration and chatting away happily.

The 2-days experience brought up the enthusiasm in some of the participants.

The Speaker reminded the participants to read the English Handbook entitled “the Ways of Yuan Shi Dian”  and watch the videos of Dr. Chang’s talks repeatedly as well as the case studies which are all available in the official website of C.C.H. Medical Foundation and C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation. This will also help enhance the confidence in YSD.

The Speaker thanked everyone who had in one way or another contributed to the success of this First YSD Basic Theory Class and Hands-on Technique class in English in particular to the selflessness volunteers for their hard work and the participants who have put a great effort to attend the class. The class ended pleasantly with a loud applause from the participants.

Reported by the volunteer of C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation
February 2, 2018

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