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15/11/2018 推广体验服务预约录取名单 Promotion & Services Participants list

November 15, 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

马来西亚张钊汉原始点推广中心 -11月15日周四夜间推广体验服务预约录取名单
C.C.H. YUAN SHI DIAN MALAYSIA ORGANISATION – Nov 15, 2018 Thursday Session Promotion & Services Participants list
NO 中文姓名 Name
1 文日豪 Ban Yat How
2 钟玉莲 Chong Nyok Lin
3 Geraldine Mirabel A/P Loyd Aloysuis
4 許佩菁 Kho Pei Ching
5 赖伟明 Lai Weng Man
6 李淑珍 Leong Seok Ching
7 林燕芯 Lim Yan Xin
8 罗育郡 Nicky
9 Nirmala Karuppiah
10 徐碧燕 Soo Pek Ean
11 陈惠霞 Chan Wai Ha
12 莊財興 Cheng Chai Heng
13 周宝莲 Choo Poh Lian
14 Chew Bee Hwa
15 方亚妹 Hng Hiang Kia
16 甘丽芬 Kam Lai Fang
17 刘卉盈 Lau Hui Ying
18 梁章兴 Leong Cheng Heng
19 Sherine Loh Loh Hooi Chin
20 李美玲 Lee Mee Ling
21 廖允翔 Liew Yin Syiang
22 李秋碧 Lee Chew Peck
23 文福湛 Mun Fook Chiam
24 黄惜玉 Ng Seok Gaik
25 王美蓉 Ong Moi Lan
26 Ong Wui Chong
27 蕭國強 Siow Kok Keong
28 See Sing Hit
29 陈清桂 Tan Ching Kooi
30 Tee Hong Ray
31 Tee Hong Shun
32 尹彩鳳 Wan Choy Foong
33 黄玉莲 Wong Yoke Lian
34 杨千桃 Yang Chian Tao
35 余金风 Yee Kim Foong


●学员及陪同家属 : 每一位学员需要有至少1位家属陪同 。

●报到时间: 学员及陪同家属必须於晚上19:30准到推广中心报到

Points to be noted:-

  • Kindly bring along your Identity Card, wear soft cotton knitted top & bottom & towel.
  • Participants and their accompanied family members : Each participant must be accompanied by at least 1 family member.
  • Reporting Time: Participants and their accompanied family members must report to the reception counter by 19:30.


因应即将开始的原始点推广活动及课程, 本中心在活动及课程的執行中将加強避开新型冠状病毒的防范措施以维护公众健康。

1. 有感冒、发烧、咳嗽 、胸闷/呼吸困难、喉咙痛、头痛、腹泻等病症者,请勿到中心参与任何活动及课程。
2. 任何到中心参与活动及课程者必须自备并佩戴口罩。
3. 进入中心之前必须先洗手。
4. 体温超过 38 摄氏度者, 謝絕进入中心。
5. 在活动/课程进行前14天曾到过有可能接触病毒的地区者请勿到本中心参与任何活动/课程。 若您从有可能接触病毒的地区回国,请务必在家进行自我隔离至少 14 天。

若有不配合以上事项者, 中心有绝对的权力取消其参与任何活动及课程的资格。

以上事项将持续执行, 直到另行通知。

特此公告, 若有造成不便之处, 敬请包涵原谅。


Pertubuhan C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia
(C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation) 敬上


《Special Announcement》

In correspondence with the upcoming Yuan Shi Dian promotion activities and courses, our Centre will strengthen the precautionary measures to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus to ensure public health.

Kindly adhere strictly to the following matters:

1. If you have the Symptoms of cold, fever, cough, chest tightness / dyspnea, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, etc., please do not participate in any of the activities and courses at our Centre.
2. Everyone participating in the activities and courses at our Centre shall wear mask and you are required to bring along your own mask.
3. Please wash your hands before entering the Centre.
4. Those who are having body temperature over 38 degrees celsius are prohibited to enter our Centre.
5. If you have travelled to places where may be exposed to  Coronavirus 14 days prior to the date of our Centre's activities / courses, please do not participate in any of the activities and courses at our Centre.  Those who have recently returned from places where they may be exposed to the Coronavirus must quarantine yourself at home for at least 14 days.

Our Centre is entitled in its absolute discretion to cancel / prohibit the participation of any activities and courses by any person who fails or refuses to comply with the abovestated matters.

The abovestated matters will continue to be enforced until further notice.

We apologise for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Pertubuhan C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia
(C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation) 
5th February 2020