Yuan Shi Dian Basic Theory Class- 3rd Batch English Class (Participants List Announcement)

Basic Theory Class (3rd Batch) on 30/6/2018 (Saturday) Time: 09:00-18:00

Participants’ list will be constantly updated until the event is full.

Please refer to the following participants list for the Basic Theory Class and remember your admission number, date and venue of the class. Thank you!



No. Name Gender Admission No.
1 Lim Jun Bin Male 2018/0231
2 Lee Ai Mei Female 2018/0232
3 Ng Suet Moi Female 2018/0233
4 Wong Chia Wei Female 2018/0234
5 Wong Yee Yong Male 2018/0235
6 Lai Jo Ann Female 2018/0236
7 Ang Boon Ee Female 2018/0237
8 Wan Mun Yee Female 2018/0238
9 Kan May Ling Female 2018/0239
10 Leong Hsu-Yi Female 2018/0240
11 Cheah Siak Keong Male 2018/0241
12 Wong Wei Ying Female 2018/0242
13 Wong Kah Seng Male 2018/0243
14 Wong Wai Ping Female 2018/0244
15 Choy Lai Sim Female 2018/0245
16 Thong Yipp Feeng Male 2018/0246
17 Kwong Hai Foo Male 2018/0247
18 Lee Jia Urn Female 2018/0248
19 Low Shiow Ching Female 2018/0249
20 Yee Chia Leng Female 2018/0250
21 Toh Sheau Huey Female 2018/0251
22 Chow Yoke Fun Female 2018/0252
23 Law Pai Tee Female 2018/0253
24 Teh Hwa Aun Male 2018/0254
25 Looi Sook Hui Female 2018/0255
26 Wong Sou Lee Female 2018/0256
27 Yip Chooi Fong Female 2018/0257
28 Gui Chai Chui Male 2018/0258
29 Lam Ka Fok Male 2018/0259
30 Chua Yah In Female 2018/0260
31 Wong Shook Yeen Female 2018/0261
32 Yip Chooi Fong Female 2018/0262
33 Yap Lee Yoon Female 2018/0263
34 Ong Seow Yean Female 2018/0264
35 Yap Chui Ping Female 2018/0265
36 Chit Boon Far Female 2018/0266
37 Lau Choon Seng Male 2018/0267
38 Chin Lee Peng Female 2018/0268
39 Low Kok Meng Male 2018/0269
40 Ho Phui Ling Female 2018/0270
41 Alex Laevaert Male 2018/0271
42 Ng Loo Yen Female 2018/0272
43 Lim Li Hsia Female 2018/0273
44 Low Wee Tat Male 2018/0274
45 Nee Hwei Chuin Female 2018/0275
46 Nee Hwei Thieng Female 2018/0276
47 Wong Bee Peng Female 2018/0277
48 Charlene Yee Female 2018/0278
49 Chan Wai Kok Male 2018/0279
50 Angeline Wong Pek Fong Female 2018/0280
51 Soo Yu Funn Female 2018/0281
52 Ng Lee Kuan Female 2018/0282
53 Hiew Choon Keat Male 2018/0283
54 Hiew Jen Han Male 2018/0284
55 Lim E Kuan Female 2018/0285
56 Lim E Vun Female 2018/0286
57 Nurhayati Abdullah Female 2018/0287
58 Low Lai Sim Female 2018/0288
59 Kamila Zaplatova Female 2018/0289
60 Yuen Choong Yan Male 2018/0290

Points to be noted:-
1. Dress code: Soft cotton t-shirt and cotton track pants, bring along a bath towel and a face towel.
2. Trim your nails.
3. Download and print out the English Handbook, please bring along.
4. Due to long hours of attending the class, please make proper arrangement and ensure that you have sufficient rest and stamina.
5. You are advised to visit the official website of C.C.H. YUAN SHI DIAN MALAYSIA ORGANISATION and repeatedly watch Dr Chang’s latest talks, 2017 Talks ~ Australia Chapter: Effects (with English Subtitles) and hands-on technique videos prior to the class and this will help you to have a better understanding of Yuan Shi Dian theory during the class.
6. Numbers of participant: 100 participants and must be above 18 years old.
7. Those who did not attend or complete the Basic Theory Class will not be allowed to attend the Hands-On Technique Class.
8. The intake of the Basic Theory Class and Hands-On Technique Class shall be based on the name list announced by the Organiser.
9. Those who already registered for the class but failed to attend or complete the class, the Organiser reserve its rights to cancel or not to accept his/her next intake.
10. Meals are not provided.
11. Registration time:
Basic Theory Class: 08:15-08:45
Hands-On Technique Class: 12:15-12:45
12. We do not replace participants for any shortfall of attendance, so please do not wait at the premises.
13. Video recording and photographs taking are strictly prohibited.
14. Participants are not allowed to conduct any business activities in the premises.
15. Speaker: The compassionate volunteers.
16. Registration Fee : Free of charge.
17. Language Used: English

We welcome your donations to support this acts of kindness, so that the future generations will continue to benefit from it.
We are very thankful to those who have contributed for the venues, teaching materials and aids, in order to allow everyone to learn and promote Yuan Shi Dian. Thank you.

Note :
1. All the above services and activities are contributed by kind hearted people around and as well as the compassionate volunteers. Payment is not required.
2. Please feed back to us should you find any conduct which is against the principle of C.C.H. Medical Foundation to enable us to investigate and recommend diligently in order to truly benefit the public. Thank you for your support and supervision.
3. Our Organisation reserves the absolute right to alter, adjust and cancel any activities, classes, arrangements and all other related matters.
4. In case of natural disaster or any unforeseen circumstances, our Organisation will reserve the absolute rights to decide whether or not to proceed with the classes.



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